Tuesday, February 09, 2021

New Poetry by Louise McKenna


let me pause like a comma
            to read the history of this leaf
                        a flyer swing-boating on a current of air

                        if I could catch it
                            hold it like this
                        up to the light

this yellowed papery message
is pin holed with stigmata
after a brief assignation
with a year of sorrows

and a red gum older than Australia

such unweighable loss has always been with us

            trees spending their currency

as the sun x rays each capillary
look up through
the silhouetted lungs of the tree

to the cracked blue pane
of sky

the only remedies

are our faithful roots,
the impossible apex of a

- © Louise McKenna 2021

Louise McKenna is an Adelaide poet. Her chapbook ‘The Martyrdom of Bees’ was published by Garron Press in 2016. She has been published in many journals, including ‘Cordite’ and ‘Meanjin.’ She is currently working on a second chapbook and is elated to have a working title at last.

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