Tuesday, February 16, 2021

New Poetry by Michele Seminara


This body is not a temple but a vehicle 
for pleasure and pain.
This body is not a vehicle but 
a manifestation of pleasure and pain. 
Pleasure and pain are both sacred 
and profane revelations of body.

My body swimming in water is a mere drop in a body of water.
The body of water sometimes appears as a wave.
Wave and drop are only briefly appeared
by mind’s slippery karmic confluence. 

When I swim with you in this precious body of seawater,
we co-create. Later, when sense perceptions urge 
and attachments merge, we procreate.
Roused energies rise in steamy flesh 
and ahh into the other’s supple body.

Sometimes the ahh dives down like a fish and quickens into being. 

Three babies have anchored in my maternal cove:
nascent body/minds blooming in mine 
as I float like a yoke on the surface of 
this shimmering ocean’s grand dream. 

- © Michele Seminara 2021

Michele is a Sydney poet and mother of three and chief editor of literary mag Verity La.

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