Tuesday, October 03, 2006

New Poetry by Coral Hull

Unified Field Theory

You are my unified field

where a billion flowers

shine like the stars

and turn into butterflies.

I observed your formation,

like an angel, through monitors,

gravity defied by wings

and past theories deconstructed

into a trillion summers.

You are my unified field,

of collapsing wave functions

in years measured by light.

We enter the reality

of each other in particles.

You are my constant evolution.

Your fundamental existance

falling through my senses

into more and more abstractions

until fields lift into flowers.

Systems are only created

to house our dreams.

We are conscious participants

observing our place in a story

with awe and reverence.

The dawn is a point of creation,

in an ocean of potential

where the beginning is a song

where a butterfly wing

becomes a flower petal,

where an atom or a molecule

is the potentiality

of a shared existance

from a single point of love.

- Coral Hull 2006