Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Poetry by rob walker

a beginner’s guide to postmodernism

don’t say book poem or story

its all just text

don’t talk.

have a


you may still lecture

in the timehonored way

but call it a


in the end nothing matters anyway

everyone’s opinion is as good

as anyone else’s

the external world does not exist.

ignore it.

- rob walker 2006

rob walker is a South Australian poet who has poetry in a number of journals and websites in Australia and overseas. This poem will appear in his first full collection micromacro, to be launched Sept 30 in Adelaide.


Rob Walker said...

I think this poem is triffic.

from Rob Walker
(no relation at all to rob walker.)

rob walker said...

Thanks, Rob. It's always gratifyiing to get positive feedback from an astute reader.

rob walker said...

I mean "gratifying", of course. This cheap copy of a Mac computer doesn't spell very well..