Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Poetry by Jane Williams

Churches of the developed world
(a partly found poem)

to light a candle
drop any coin into the slot
(more coins may be required
for longer prayers)

on medical advice
communion is to be made by
receiving the bread only
(salivation is to be kept
to a minimum)

not in use
the alms box owing to recent
forced removal of padlocks
(bag checks now operate
in this church)

under electronic surveillance
(and you and you and you ...)

-Jane Williams 2007

Begging the question

who worries over this woman
fingering you are my sunshine
on the piano accordian
squat as an invalid's breakfast tray
above her outsized lap
tack suited against the swank
of the common wealth bank
when she reaches the end
she knows to start over
hour after hour
this music by numbers
this empty chocolate box
open for business
its heart shaped lid
inviting payment for services
and begging the question

- Jane Williams 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

New Poetry by Wayne H.W. Wolfson


A storm, bad ideas and urges. Lightening, blinding silver-purple flashes.
On the line next to the forgotten laundry, a neighbor’s chimes buffeted by the wind. A novice playing a frantic song too fast.
I hate this too, but would be lost without its familiarity. Buildings sway, the sky darkens further, I join in singing the refrain.
The storm.
Flashes of lightening, the final beating of a dying leviathan’s heart, lights up the sky. Blinding silver, burnt ozone offering. I sweat copper, it makes you happy.
Despite how jumpy the thunder makes you, I can not stay awake.
In my sleep I felt a bite. I know it is just chemical. We were holding hands as if, like Sunday.
The city is all decay and late night secrets. That is mine.
Desire, cash, gloom and retreat. A kingdom whose demise is announced in-between thunder claps.

- Wayne H.W. Wolfson 2007

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Call for Submissions

I haven't forgotten my threat to start posting excerpts from my verse novel, so poets and poetry lovers consider yourselves on notice. Just click on the "email me" tag in the top right hand corner and submit anything up to five poems, a 1000 word comment or review in the body of the email. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. I have a very good turnover time, and that applies to most things I do. Probably why I haven't got a girlfriend...Anyway, be that as it may I see no reason for not submitting something. The worse you will get is silence, as I won't comment on subs unless I can see some way of working with the author to make them more suitable for posting under the Bluepepper. There are no payments and thus no guidelines.