Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Via Reggio by Wayne HW Wolfson

One of the delights of running a blog like Bluepepper or a mag like HOMEBREW is encountering the depth of talent out there. A lot of publishers I know say the same, although their trysts are heavily chaperoned by some crone from A&R. I recently published a few pieces by a Californian poet Wayne H Wolfson, impressed by the beautiful lilt in his poetry. I have since managed to get hold of a copy of his first CD, a poem recorded in collaboration with Mars Syndicate, a cleverly textured piece that rewards repeated listenings. Wolfson is a brilliant interpreter of his own poetry, and all in all the production on this CD manages to resist the temptation to bury the text in bangs and whistles. This CD is merely a sampler, but if it is anything to go by, the larger project will be a must for poetry lovers the world over. Click on the post heading to visit the website.

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