Monday, June 12, 2006

Call for Submissions

I seem to have to beg for poetry these days. I'm still waiting to hear from Pixi. Just click on the "email me" tag in the top right hand corner and submit anything up to five poems, a 1000 word comment or review in the body of the email. NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE. I have a very good turnover time, and that applies to most things I do. Probably why I haven't got a girlfriend...Anyway, be that as it may I see no reason for not submitting something. The worse you will get is silence, as I won't comment on subs unless I can see some way of working with the author to make them more suitable for posting under the Bluepepper. There are no payments and thus no guidelines.


Simon MacDonald said...

Broome Hunger Haiku

Taken to this taste
Lovers in dunes and moments
Drowned in full starlight

Love finds us wanting
Music, needing spectacle:
We dance and we sway

I come with you and
You go within me and I
Go slowly with you

Sand and clatter crab
Staccato night dusk moon arch
Over sky waters

Perfumed platters placed
Or piled floating fires of fish
Laughter, wine, kisses

Adorned, we bring eyes
Lit by stars, rock moonstricken
Pindan shining black

Here your smile tells me
This one night, tides only now
Renew our loving

Surf folding sand creeks
Rivers of deep silver skies
Shimmer in your eyes

Refresh warm wind, wash
My soul, return to coast
Let go, salt my face

Beach creased at dusk draws
Insect bird night cloud bat cries
Through an owl's moon eyes

Dusk into the night
Bright you are from azure day
A love magic question

O wind, O India
Star stream, moon glow, spirit reach
Show me procession

Drown in charcoal skies
Fly over the turquoise sea
Speak! Utter last things.

Can joy and pleasure
Pain and love be spoken here?
O, how can they not?

Moon and sun alloy
Earth, humanity remains
Sticks like sand crust

Nightscape, sea pungent
The air laughs with you while we
Each chart our own course

Satellite moon ship
Main earth can dwarf the shudders:
Galaxy ride through space

Two aeons ago
I spent here overnight
As pterodactyl

Drown that ant! Spill drinks!
But don't catch the poison or
Other peoples' fish

Remember skin drums:
The soul and bone and beater
Stir breast energy

Water spirits! Let
This moment we share be sweet
Flame-flesh, from the reef

Some friends, some strangers
Reach tidal meeting, sparkling
Spinning on this coast

Japanese pearlers
Live here in Broome, excuse my
Very bad haiku

Come this night, we feast
By day our thoughts are ripples
In memory's tide

(August 1993; revised April 2004


Thanks Simon, but this isn't the way to submit poetry to this blog. Please follow the guidelines and your poetry could be up there under the bluepepper for all to see.