Saturday, February 10, 2007


I have been used to adoration
only at night.
The quiet, the soft
places of thought and response,
analysis and even temper.
An extended road where focus is rewarded,
challenge is invited and fulfilled.

But now I have seen you twice.
Two early mornings,
leaving me drained,
a broken clock without function.
I have turned
to face the day.
Three hours earlier
and the world is new,
smelling the new smells,
greeting the starkness of green and blue
where before were grey and silver.

Now I can see you
and not be broken.
My hours are open and
I will have patience
for your confusionand your stealth,
the strength of your desire for love
that strangles your ability
to accept it.
I will repeat my offer
with the sun for my sponsor,
disarming you
with sunburned smiles
and strong brown arms
like your own,
easing the transition
from a non-committal twilight
to a fierce noon.

- Jason Monios 2007

Jason Monios lives in Edinburgh. His publications include Acumen, Poetry Scotland, New Writing Scotland, nthposition, Umbrella and The Guardian.

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