Thursday, September 13, 2007

New Poetry by Steven Balters

Rattus Norvegicus

It was afternoon, but you had to stay behind with all the people
Who grew tired of the sun caked windows that inspired sleepwalking.

The grey circuitry boxes tucked inside of the white concrete
Exploded. He knew, yes he knew and he warned of it,
And he sent everyone out the door, following fumes from an electrical fire.

Night was beginning to flood the gymnasium anyways.

Fire consumed and burned and spread to every last classroom.

Now you wonder how he knew the wiring was flawed and self destructive,
Or how he knew rats were gnawing at the motherboard, the system board,
The system. The system was feeding generations of rats by the time the
Roof gave way to the stars, and he only looked oblivious.

Now you wonder this.
As you stand with your best friend
In the slicing sun,
With a school in ashes behind you.

- Steven Balters 2007

Steven Balters is an 18 year old first year student at Seattle University. He was born and raised in Omaha on the plains of Nebraska.

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Anonymous said...

Well done Steven. I loved it. The way you have written it ...very nice...initially I wondered...thought there was a bit of surrealism going on....then....bang..the ending. And finding out your only 18?..I had to revisit then and read again....a whole new piece. have rewarded me!A writers job well done :o)