Tuesday, January 08, 2008

New Poetry by Jane Williams

Peddling poetry

the woman in the gift shop explains she sells more tangible accessible
craft toffee you can get your teeth into huggable sweaters G rated
calendars tea spoons and tea towels coasters but no ashtrays not
these days she takes the book turns it this way and that as if it is
an abstract painting unsure which way is the right way up she has
a look that could be saying something about poems that don’t even
rhyme being a waste of God given space not to mention time
wouldn’t buy poetry m’self she admits when pressed wouldn’t read it
though I s’pose this proposed a little cautiously some might
she doesn’t go on to suggest the cardinal sin that others yet again
may even write it and I wish she’d ask me what it does so I can tell her
the right poem can take your breath away return it sevenfold inflating
parts of your brain you never knew you had it can shake your faith or
just as likely restore it knock the chip from your shoulder bring a dogma
to heel trigger cries of joy that leave your enemies wondering what it is
they’re missing out on wrench from you a howling that sends your lover
running to hide all the knives it can leave you silent so silent you begin
to hear things you never heard before the sound of your mother wanting
you just you just the way you are the sound an angel makes when falling
the sound love makes when it isn’t being asked to qualify itself the sound
of the desire for war spontaneously combusting the right poem can
make you believe and forsaking all others for the rest of your days
follow wherever it may lead

- Jane Williams 2008

Jane Williams' most recent collection of poems is 'The Last Tourist' (Five
Islands Press 2006). She lives in Hobart,Tasmania.

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