Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New Poetry by Ashley Capes

as mud dries

what draws you to empty
spaces, where
echoes cross arms
and dive off rocks,
never to be heard again?

alone is just five letters
pulled together by a snapshot,
when otherwise they wouldn’t
know each other at all

but between them something
happens to make
going back possible

the way you can take words
like lead, until one syllable
breaks your knees,
and still you go back for more, sneaking

the way you find seconds
between jet engines
and a cool change,
even when running.

- Ashley Capes 2008


whatever hands may wash
we will steal and muffle with boxes,
rachel’s blue rose on the wall
of cups, crippled toothpaste
and the
peter pan complex

only the body moves
and thoughts stick
sills and taps that drip.

- Ashley Capes 2008

Ashley co-founded Egg(Poetry) in 2002 and is working on an pdf
magazine holland1945. He is currently studying Arts and Education
at Monash and 'sings' for his band kingfit. His first collection of poetry
is 'pollen and the storm' (2008.)

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