Wednesday, July 02, 2008

New Poetry by Phillip A. Ellis


He eats
of their flesh,
devouring his young.
How he fears,
as he swallows it all,
flesh, blood, bone,
stone alike.
How he is undone
by his rapacity.
How he dooms
his fellow Titans.

- Phillip A. Ellis 2008

Memento Mori

Three dead trees
against the eastern sky:

beyond us are death,
skeletons of rabbits,
and you cannot ever
return from whence
you must go.

Three magpies
in the burgeoning dawn,
in the carolling dawn,
on the frostbitten lawn,
and I’m back beyond
dead trees against the sky.

- Phillip A. Ellis 2008

1 comment:

mountain-ash said...

I like the bleak tone of these two, especially the 'skeletons of rabbits' image, as the idea of such an incredibly vulnerable animal reduced to bones really drives home the lonely nature of memento... the desolation the poem conveys.