Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Poetry by Brooke Linford

The Chant

I drift through time
rings of coffee on grey
the sleepless
can be so sinister
lips purple with cold
and hats pulled low
to hide eyes

it’s eerie
the chant
I don’t know what will happen after
when the plane leaves for paris
and the phone is quiet

- Brooke Linford 2009


we were in the city
a hotel with jagged edges
the room was a dark mahogany
you watched me with appreciation
as I filled page after page
on the narrow bed
you didn’t have to touch me
but you did anyway
the 2am traffic a yellow hush
outside our window

- Brooke Linford 2009

Brooke Linford is co-editor of and was co-editor of egg(poetry) from 2002-2006. Her work has appeared in several Australian publications. She currently lives in Victoria where she works in administration and studies Italian.

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