Wednesday, April 14, 2010

New Poetry by Ashley Capes

gatefold sleeves

the oarsmen shout
and the crash of waves
echo in their mouths

through so much black
the moon drops closer
for a better look

their buttons taste like salt

and the bunch of muscles
reminds me of my father
working with his saw

at home mum is cooking

playing Hawkwind while
I look at the LP, discovering
gatefold sleeves

the boat rolls around and
across parts of the water
their gifts are reflected.

- Ashley Capes 2010


Mark William Jackson said...

Ashley Capes is able to throw words in front of your eyes that drag your mind to exactly where he wants it to be, reading him I feel like someone has put a hand either side of my head, turned it and forced me to look at and consider something that I would ordinarily have missed.

Wayne W said...

It is always enjoyable to read your work

Anonymous said...

Thank you both! It's great to have such wonderful feedback

Made my evening!