Sunday, January 15, 2012

Calling all Poets of Oz

As much as I am sure we have all enjoyed the flood of submissions from our cousins north of the line, Bluepepper is keen to see more work from less troubled regions, so I am calling on all poets from across this sodden isle to read the guidelines and submit. Payment is a pat on the back, but I doubt that will serve as much of a deterrent to my fellow scribes, for as Dransfield once penned in the cabin of an outback rig, "to be a poet in Australia is the ultimate commitment". 

And while we're veering towards the parochial, I would be particularly interested in seeing some work from poets working within cooee of the Bluepepper headquarters in the upper Blue Mountains. Nothing thrust at me in the Station Bar, mind, but submitted electronically and without threats to let down my balding tyres.

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