Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Poetry by Jade Howdeshell

The sun is silly when I am silly
The clouds are careful when I am careful
The bird is brave when I am brave
The trees are tough when I am tough
But they are all happy when I am happy

The sun is sad when I am sad
The clouds are careless when I am careless
The bird is scared when I am scared
The trees are weak when I am weak
But they all are sad when I am sad

- Jade Howdeshell 2012

Jade Howdeshell is 7 years old and just completed 1st Grade at St. Lawrence School in Laramie WY.She loves to write poetry, play guitar and read. She hopes to become successful author when she grows up.


Holy Habanero Hot Sauce said...

Simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful and touching. Love this!

Anonymous said...

Really good stuff. You write better than most grown-ups!