Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Poetry by Stuart Barnes

Bone Scan

in memory of Gwen Harwood,
who encouraged the eleven-year-old
me to write poetry

In the twinkling of an eye,
in a moment, all is changed:
on a small radiant screen
(honeydew melon green)
are my scintillating bones.
Still in my flesh I see
the God who goes with me
glowing with radioactive
isotopes. This is what he
at last allows a mortal
eye to behold: the grand
supporting frame complete
(but for the wisdom teeth),
the friend who lives beneath
appearances, alive
with light. Each glittering bone
assures me: you are known.

- Stuart Barnes 2012


years ago
sentenced by
a picador
to be herded three times a week toward
a barely furnished dusty room
a ghastly plastic calla
a banderillero
that drove
the diagnoses
in my neck
like vivid sticks:
panic, bipolar, schizoaffective,
obsessive-compulsive, generalized
anxiety, borderline
personality and
substance-induced anxiety
So many Romantic syllables!
In seven years a wounded bull
can lose a million pints of blood.
I charged and gored
a matador
when it redly strode
inside my ring.

- Stuart Barnes 2012


penrithpics said...

Great, Stuart. Very moving - and.....familiar.

Melpomene Selemidis said...

Powerful poetry Stuart. Loved them both. Such strength and intensity in your pacing too.

Stuart Barnes said...

thanks, p

thanks, m

appreciate your reading :-)