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Sharing More Than Poems Makes Open Mic Voices Most Popular Poetry Social Network In The World

Willimantic, CT November 13, 2012 -- OpenMicVoices.com the world's poetry social network, responded to the latest news about Google ranking Open Mic Voices the best poetry social network on the planet.

"We have only just begun," smiles Henry Hunter, Founder and CEO of Open Mic Voices, "Google is the world's most popular information resource, by far, on the internet, 80% of all people on the web get their information from Google. So, being ranked by Google as the best poetry social network in the world is extremely rewarding and will keep us focused on uniting the world through the common language of poetry. It's incredible to see your idea come to life and the world embrace that idea. Open Mic Voices is about people, from all over the world, who speak one language on Open Mic Voices: Poetry." 

While earning Googles recognition for being the best poetry social network on the planet, Open Mic Voices is more focused on meeting it's goal of getting people to share poetry, worlwide. It is free to join Open Mic Voices and everyone is welcome. Members of the popular poetry social network write poems, share feedback, share poetry website links, share poetry events and places for poetry. Members, also, upload audio poetry and video poems right from their home computer. Open Mic Voices encourages socializing and sharing amongst members, so there are no limits on how many friend requests that a member may send to other members of the site.

Open Mic Voices members range from Ivy League professors to high school dropouts, published poets to novice poets, with traffic to the site coming from over 180 geographical countries, and 80% of Open Mic Voices members are female. "We are all inclusive, " states Henry. "People love to share all things poetry and we are playing a major part in poetry's growth on the internet. Poetry can't grow unless we all share it. We invite places that feature poetry, educational institutions, poetry groups, book publishers, and so on, to create a profile in our community and help bring poetry together." Open Mic Voices has a Page rank of 3, an amazing rank for a 9 month old website, and it is listed by the internet's foremost authority on website traffic, Alexa.com, as the highest ranking poetry social network in the United States.

About OpenMicVoices.com:

Open Mic Voices launched February 01, 2012, by brothers James and Henry Hunter. is a poetry social network connecting people who enjoy poetry, worldwide. For more information:

Visit www.OpenMicVoices.com

Or email: omvpr@openmicvoices.com

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