Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Poetry by Breda Wall Ryan

Childhood Sin

...the earthworm
we split
to see the head
grow a tail
the tail
a new head

five simple hearts
one by one...

another regret

- Breda Wall Ryan 2013



Nights we lay still as hares
in our grass form,
balanced the rising moon
on our toes,
skyward-stretched arms
finger-tipped with stars.

Tonight you sit alone
in the screen’s blue glow,
tea cold at your elbow,
while I watch
distant balefires,
light years between us.

- Breda Wall Ryan 2013

Breda Wall Ryan has been shortlisted for several international literary prizes for fiction and poetry, most recently The Fish Poetry Prize, and won the UCD Anthology Contest(poetry) 2011. Her work is published in anthologies and in journals. has won or been shortlisted for several literary prizes. A member of Hibernian Poetry, Dublin, she has an M. Phil. in Creative Writing from Trinity C ollege, Dublin. She has completed a short story collection, The Hardest Winter and Other Stories and a poetry collection, The Woman who Toasted the Owl. 

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