Monday, June 10, 2013

New Poetry by John Saunders


(im Shane Dunne)

I am somebody,
or maybe not.
Free bird with the wrought of metal,
a stand-alone – rebellious.

This dislocation of time
against the sunset
throws me a life line
that helps me ride the plains –
identity unframed.

I find a bird grounded
by a broken wing,
cup it to my breast
until its strength is found,
then it flies into the sky,
calls to me from high.

- John Saunders  2013

John Saunders’ first collection ‘After the Accident’ was published in 2010 by Lapwing Press, Belfast. His poems have appeared in Revival, The Moth Magazine, Crannog, Prairie Schooner Literary Journal (Nebraska), Sharp Review, The Stony Thursday Book, Boyne Berries, The New Binary Press Anthology of Po etry, Volume 1, Riposte, and on line, The Smoking Poet, Minus Nine Squared, The First Cut, The Weary Blues, Burning Bush 2, Weekenders, Poetry Bus and poetry 24.  

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