Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Poetry by Phillip Ellis

Beyond the Curvature

Beyond the curvature of the world,
beyond the immediate world,

there is a wider world,
a world of seven billion, and so it goes.

The world that turns is the world I love,
a world that I can take snapshots of,
and construct a set of images of,
and do something positive for.

On nights like this, when the sky is humid,
and the heat crawls over me,
I wonder for whom this world is the same.
Does it move others to make poetry,

patterns that quote those that have been spoken,
and those that utter echoes that others refract?

- Phillip Ellis 2014

1 comment:

Michael Lee Johnson said...

This is a lovely poem by Phillip Ellis. I have read a few and this is the best one so far. Great work Phillip.
Michael Lee Johnson, Itasca, IL poet.