Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Poetry by Kamaruzzaman

And That Was You Who Saw The World of No War, No Blood

You saw the world
In your own eyes, there was no war
No blood to love you dead
There was no darkness to shed over the roofs of cloud
No begging, no hungry bones collapsed
Into the smoke to break peace, to be in peace with you
With your breads and hone - that was your world
And that was you, and only you to give birth to eternal
YOU, and that was you...

Who tossed the coins
Of capital - who tossed the shadows of fear
Into mist and touched the thorns of flowers
With guts and heart out
To write the epic of little verse
In human chains
Of equal days and nights - you

Who only could write
The epics of no war and no blood
In your own world
You saw in your dreamy eyes and you:
Who had a dream or two - of your own
To create a world of vision
To say goodbye to all and others
To rejoice in cheers, in full

And that was you...

- Kamaruzzaman 2014

Kamaruzzaman is "self-retired, basically a nihilist", writes poetry and essays, at one time edited a polemical journal, and is currently translating the complete works of Gabriel Garcia Marquez into Bengali, One book already published, several others on the line.

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