Friday, October 10, 2014

New Poetry by Jim Conwell

you undressed someone. 
But you didn’t stop 
when you had all their clothes off, 
you carried on. 
And you didn’t stop 
until there was not one atom of them 
that you hadn’t removed. 
What would then 
be standing 
in the place where they had been? 
Wrong, not nothing. 
An absence would be there. 

- Jim Conwell 2014

Jim Conwell lives and works in London, England. With an original background in Fine Art, he has worked for nearly 30 years in the mental health field. He has had poems published in The Journal,  The Lampeter Review, Poetry Cornwall, South Poetry, Orbis, Ofi Press, The English Chicago Review, The SHOp, Uneven Floor,Turbulence, The Seventh Quarry, Under the Radar and The Frogmore Papers, and has poems scheduled for publication in Poetry and Audience, and Elbow Room.

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