Monday, January 26, 2015

New Poetry by Jason D. DeHart

Need a Bath Boy

there is an endless assortment
of homeless on the on-ramp.
I have heard the sighs and prayers
of well-meaning people in the car,
imagined the muttering lips of bothered
people rushing past to their shopping
and over-priced meals at the mall.
the child, his hair slack, his skin
darkened with grime,
this child, family, cardboard message
creates, for some, an emotional tableau
and I worry about the emptiness,
the stone I carry inside my chest, a hollow
purse I call a life, and I wonder about 
sounds of vehicles swooshing by,
trembling hands the the odor of rain.

- Jason D. DeHart 2015

Jason D. DeHart is the author of the blog,  His writing has appeared in a variety of publications.

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