Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New Poetry by Mark Roberts


the red car turns right 
& heads down the hill. 
in the valley the mist
whether to rise or to hang 
around for another 30 minutes.

i stand on the edge of the escarpment
& watch the mist rise slowly up the rocks
wisp by wisp 
disappearing somewhere above my head
imagine taking four steps forward & falling 
through clouds, waiting to be lifted up
by soft invisible hands – an australian accession.

the whip of a branch 
across my face
a crash of bone
against rock
look around
to see 
the last thyacline 
lapping at my blood.

- Mark Roberts 2015

Mark Roberts is a Sydney based writer and critic and editor of Rochford Street Review and P76 Magazine as well as being Poetry Editor of Social Alternatives journal. He has been published widely in magazines and journals both in Australia and overseas over many years.

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