Saturday, July 25, 2015

New Poetry by Claire Roberts


Every library is a pile of seasonal leaves;
amber-coloured pages crack
like twigs underfoot

and scent the air around my cubicle
with the arms of a young maple tree:
a crimson sentry leaning on the windowsill,

my favourite book clear as a name.
I have one life and poetry another.

- Claire Roberts 2015

Claire Miranda Roberts is an emerging poet and translator born in Melbourne, Australia. Claire is the sister of playwright Glyn Roberts and has studied under Jill Jones at the University of Adelaide. Her poems have been published in Southerly, Cordite, Regime and Arena among others. She has written a collection of poems titled The Fragile Season and she tweets as @2ndNaturePoet

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Robbie Verdon said...

A lovely, resonant, memorable poem.