Friday, July 10, 2015

New Poetry by rob walker


getting on at the Wayville Showgrounds
station he takes a selfie in his new
tats & tanktop sneers at the tired
toddler in the stroller quit ya
whingein ya little bastard
ya worse thn ya bruvva
& both boys shrink
even smaller

- rob walker 2015

Margaret Thatcher

“There’s no such thing as Society!”
she exclaimed with icy rapture.
but Society refused to die
and there’s no such thing as Thatcher.

- rob walker 2015

Rob Walker is a contemporary Australian poet and writer. (Pen names: rob walker, robwalkerpoet.) His poetry has been published widely in magazines, journals, anthologies and online since the mid-1990s. His work has been translated into Arabic, Spanish and Dutch, text-published in English in France and India and e-published on most continents. Rob's latest collection, "tropeland", was just released through Five Islands Press.

(With thanks to Wikipaedia)


robwalkerpoet said...

Thanks for publishing - and accepting so rapidly!
- rob

Justin Lowe said...

We aim to please rob!