Monday, September 21, 2015

New Poetry by C S Hughes

In The Tropics

A mystery and a revelation 
An orange sunset burns my fingers
Stars blazon the bruised night (words blazon like stars)
A Van Gogh or Gauguin join-the-dots
Spelling strange characters
To which
The poet humbly submits
They are so much bigger than this
Sharks beneath glass green seas
Savage rantum scantum 
The genius of turning back
And asking questions
And the chance again to taste
Your coconut flavoured skin

- C S Hughes 2015

C S Hughes grew up on both sides of the tracks in ochre towns and charcoal cities. When he was young he hoboed across the country by thumb and freight train, before spending several years in reading and study. He has lived in parks and palaces and worse places, publishes innovative poetry pieces illustrated with his own photography and digital artworks in iBooks, and has occasionally had a story or poem published on paper. He writes commentary on popular culture and edits at 
He says he is getting older but no more wise.

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