Sunday, January 31, 2016

New Poetry by Martin Christmas

Beach Collection

Into the oily swell
the sun drops
it’s day end heat.

A kite’s rustle sound manoeuvres
wheeling and soaring
like a colourful eagle hawk
tethered to the sand.

Overhead, a lone gull flies
out of touch, calling . . .
until again, the flock

They fly low across the sand
caught in silhouette
against the failing light . . .
seasoned travellers
on the beach run.

The twin helix trails
spew across the
sun spent sky . . .
flashing beacon lights . . .
passengers sipping wine. 

- Martin Christmas 2016

Martin Christmas has an M.A. in Australian Cultural Studies and is an Adelaide based performance poet, photographer and professional theatre director. He was a Friendly Street Poets mentored poet in 2012 and has been published in several anthologies. He teaches presentation elements to young spoken word poets and established poets

1 comment:

robwalkerpoet said...

I especially like
"Into the oily swell
the sun drops
its day end heat."