Monday, March 14, 2016

New Words by Rob Walker

Generic Trump Speech


We have amazing people. I’m self-funding. I’m putting in my own money. I’ve made millions and millions of dollars. These people are so stoopid. We’re gonna win in Florida. I gotta tell ya. I’m a non-politician. We gonna win Big League. Yuge. I have to say. Wow. We have a number of – and I’ll never forget it – we’re gonna make America great again – I love you too darling – I LOVE Oklahoma I love your football team yeah let’s hear… hear it for that football team and by the way we are going to build that wall and who’s gonna Pay for that wall? That’s right, the border’s become a very big deal a very big deal this is important we’re gonna have to send these people back we don't know where they come from they have no paperwork see that guy in the old days I’d punch him in the face everyone’s too politically correct nowadays were all going to Hell. It’s disgusting. Everyone’s stoopid but I’m very smart you know remember what I said I love waterboarding. I think it’s fine. Standing ovation. We gotta build up our military our military is depleted we gotta take care of our vets they are important so important and I’ll tell you what so I came down that escalator and it was about borders it was about trade it was about the military and it resonated and I’ve been number one in the polls since that very first day. Number 1. I have to tell you. Aren’t those debates ridiculous though? The networks were forced to have these debates. How about I don’t do the next one? No I’ll do… I like this guy – stand up! It’s all about turning this country around rapidly and beautifully we have countries you haven’t heard of making a fortune out of the United States by the way I love Hispanics I have thousands working for me I will be the greatest jobs president that God every created that I can tell you that I can tell you we’re not gonna get ripped off any more. I’m a very good business person I built an amazing company and by the way you know with the tax returns? You don’t learn about – I love you too – look at her, thankyou we have got the dumbest tax policy by a factor of twenty. It’s a tremendous problem. Our leaders are dummies folks, major major dummies. We gonna replace Obamacare with . . . something terrific. You know I love my supporters. I love them. I love the people in this room and it comes out in every single poll and they’re better than – every single poll said like Trump can do anything. They love Trump. I love them. And the numbers are staggering and I’m like 98% and they’re like 10%. Were gonna save so much money so much money. Win against Chinah, the Japaneese… nobody can do this stuff better than me. Nobody. Nobody. We have something so special going on. Something so special going on - it’s a movement. It’s a movement. It’s a movement to take our country back. And it is. And that’s what it is. A movement to take it back. I can promise you that.  It’s gonna be so beautiful and that’s what we’re doing. It takes guts to run for president. Not easy. I’m self-funding my campaign. I can’t be bought. That I can tell you.
We’re gonna do something that’s so amazing. We are gonna start winning again. We’re gonna kill ISIS. Folks call me and thank me so I’m gonna say get out there vote make America great again folks. Thankyou. I love you. Thankyou.

- Rob Walker 2016

Born Robert John Walker (26 June 1953), Rob Walker has lived in Adelaide or the Adelaide Hills most of his life. He attended Cowandilla Primary and Plympton High Schools and trained as a primary school teacher at Western Teachers College (later University of South Australia.) He has worked as a primary school educator, particularly in the Performing Arts area. In addition to poetry he writes occasional book reviews, articles, essays and short fiction. He currently divides his time between Australia and Himeji, Japan. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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