Wednesday, April 20, 2016

New Poetry by Valli Poole


Talking to herself, the air
a bag lady wears a moth eaten hat.
Funeral – clothes – threadbare, smell of
something spoiled, forgotten, a
rotting corvus bird.

She will tell you,
if you let her,
how once she was a pole dancer
and she will dance for you
gyrating to an imaginary pole.

Skirts lift, her hand
strokes her crotch.
The fetid air gathers around
her as if throwing
contemptuous copper coins.

- Valli Poole 2016

valli poole is an Australian poet. Her work has been published in Australia and Internationally. valli runs a small press in australia called blank Rune Press. Her books include A Box of Hummingbirds (2013), Aeons (2013), Bog Boys & Unquiet Graves and Folie A Quatre: An anthology of Love Poems (2016).valli is currently working on a suite of poems for publication.

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your poetry created a visual with colours and i read your poetry through paint.