Monday, May 23, 2016

New Poetry by Edward Willes


I climbed the roof of Huxum TCE and established a rural OUTPOST. A FERAL language grounding within the states capital, I traded carcinogenic chemicals for petrol fumes and gorged on exotic foods from under the city lights –  their people polluted the nights sky while my people burnt holes in it.

During the day I foraged – AUCHENFLOWERS, tar and oil, I explored the city streets searching for myself, unearthing roots from under the Intelligencia while looking at my reflection in the river and washing my hands of coal dust. We didn’t have all of this where I am from –  no defined culture here, no Queensland Blue Grass either.

ASSIMILATE the Brazilian IMPORTS that line our narrow minded one way streets – they offer LILAC and stain the pavements – VIOLET – they trickle the road’s vintaged presence with juvenescence and brighten my one hour commute into liberal enterprise. The townsfolk work for their groceries and business class suits – no UNIONS

No POOR ME culture distinguished by one TRUE voice – it mustn’t be Australian.  I started talking in country tongues to establish the idea of myself that I thought was TRUE. I am from where I lived once – a feral blue – but – I am also from where I lived later – a feral white – I cannot make claims to either or – I am FRACTURED… and that’s my right..

A cultural vagabond with friends across many lands of truths –  I have no religion and enjoy the best of them while hating the worst. Perched confidently above the flood proof stumps of an ASHGROVIAN roof – I look towards the rivers edge, waiting for it to catch fire.

- Edward Willes 2016

Edward Willes is an Australian poet who’s poetic essence has been distilled within the state of Queensland (both rural and urban). Endeavouring to establish a voice of connection within the small but profound moments of cultural reflection and nostalgic rhythms, he rejects the pop cultural iconic identities that take hostage the personal experiences of a contemporary Australian. He is determined not to make claim that his poetry represents “the true Australian voice” as many Australian poets have attempted before him but simply to represent a voice among many other voices. Within this medium he can establish his own point of view with a willingness and eagerness to grow, a common characteristic of a wave of youth restrained by old ideas. Having received the honour of winning the Bareknuckle Amateur Poetry Competition, his poem “Ann St. Bound Queen” will be published in the Bareknuckle Poet Anthology 2016 alongside some of the most critically acclaimed poets and writers in the world.

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