Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Poetry by Meredith Pitt

Through the Window
after Julia Darling

I shall heave up and nudge an extra pillow at my back,
enjoy the tea you left like a bloom beside me.

The pheasant and I will pick up our conversation
about the state of the garden as I spread

the sand of toast along the quilt dunes.  I will once
again marvel at your splayed camellias along the fence,

the blooms peeking through like neighbours while I
rest back against the headboard.  I am at last

ready to venture past the window and take lungfuls
of that crayon blue horizon.

- Meredith Pitt 2016

Meredith Pitt is a Sydney-sider who has recently completed a Masters in Psychotherapy following her interest in why we do what we do.  She has luxuriated in a poetry focus week at Varuna and been published in Meanjin.

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