Monday, February 05, 2018

New Poetry by Devika Mathur

A Death Star

I feel a sudden twitch
between the penumbra
of sunsets and sunrise.
Equinoctial stardust
choking my cerebrum,
I hear a wave of denouement
clasping, plummeting.
I hear horrors, I see horrors.

I sink into the pool of deaths and lives
counting my fingers, I thrash my hair locks
spin, spin, spin.

My life is a death star
hanging loose in the sky
mocking my decorations, painted.

how many segments form on my elbow?
Detonating like a lizards tail, regeneration.
We often explode in the same process,
My mouth becomes a temple now,
Pollen grains, ashes, memories.

- Devika Mathur 2018

Devika Mathur, a published author and a poet from India is a big-time logophile and a lover of Oxymorons. Her work has been previously published and is upcoming in Visual Verse, Subterranean blue poetry,, Indian Periodicals, Sick Lit mag among various others.


Walt Page said...

Is this a new blog??

Walt Page said...

Is bluepepper new??

dɐʎɥsɐʞ ʇʇɐɥq said...

Outstanding as always 😊
- ur devotee

dɐʎɥsɐʞ ʇʇɐɥq said...

Outstanding as always
- yr devotee