Wednesday, December 05, 2018

New Poetry by John Rock

In Reply To Autumn

  I know what you’re telling me:
  that there’s only listening
  that if I close my eyes these colors
     are so close to what I see
           like a coral reef
                                   of lichen so blue
                                   and changeable just enough
      to know that something has happened
                           summer’s possession
   like leaves’ fingers falling on dawn’s keys
             cars full of hung-over people returning to the cities piled on the horizon
                   beaches laced with char
                           washed up from a fire on an even more northern shore
                            raven stepping among the necklace
                                  looking for things to eat
                                                        among the jewels of fallen fire
                    all living from fires even more northern than America

- John Rock 2018

John Rock grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan in the United States and spent many years on the shores of Lake Superior working on poetry.  He presently lives in northern New Mexico where he's in love with attempting to transcribe the wind and moonlight in the pines.  And the ravens soaring above them.  More poetry and novels at

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