Sunday, May 26, 2019

New Poetry by Jonathan Beale

The first blue spring days 

The Magnolia dawns!
Misting over the sultry fields… 
That Chagallian mood bleeds
Through to the idyllic
Blissful, dreamy and then mellow.

Until another god divines:
Wisteria, majestic! Regal!
As the chimes of St Marks Basilica.
They hang observing 
As the gods and angels. 

The Ceanothus sitting on the corner. 
Standing bereft of purpose,
Other than its own beauty,
Its own meaning - 
There is nothing bluer.  

Lavender: bridging springs finale.  
Springs new birth rite, Lavenders meaning.  
Killing springs winter -
Brushing away the charm
Into another day, another season.

- Jonathan Beale 2019

Jonathan Beale has had his work published in over sixty journals including Danse Macabre, Mad Swirl, Ygdrasil, Red Wolf Editions, Sheepshead Review, Poetry 24 et al.  He is also published in two anthologies ‘Drowning’ and ‘The Poet as Sociopath’ (Scar publications). And one to be published ‘Do not be afraid’ a small anthology dedicated to Seamus Heaney. His first book of poetry The Destinations of Raxiera (Hammer and Anvil) in November 2015. He lives Surrey U.K.  

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