Wednesday, August 21, 2019

New Poetry by Jean Bohuslav

People I met through work

The solicitor who hired me without giving me a typing test

The officer in charge who employed me after the typing test
saying, I could only get better

His secretary who swung her legs and high heels from his desk

The girl who left work eight months pregnant and thought we couldn’t tell

The stockmen who hid seven leverets in my office
and then thought a dead snake in a paper bag might be fun

The accountant who saved me from a pack of farm dogs 
when we went to tell a labourer’s wife her husband was in hospital

The elderly woman who kept driving shoes in her car

The young lad who pulled his false eye out in a frenzy 
after running over his foot with the lawn mower

The men full of alcohol and sexual innuendos who laughed,
elbowing each other as they chose day old chicks

The Headmaster who was wary of meditation
even though he taught philosophy

The shifty Vice Principal who liked the ladies and bolted his office door

His colleague who pulled her top up to show us her new bra

The old lady with no formal education 
who made the hierarchy dance to her tune

The Principal who gave a bad reference to keep a prominent staff member

The supplies officer whose children had left home 
and was nervous about going on a holiday with just her husband

The intelligent Headmistress with great morals and integrity 
who died in the face of unwanted change

The young school boy who visited reception every lunch time
because he had no friends

The gardener who took things slowly because he wasn’t paid enough 

- Jean Bohuslav 2019

Jean enjoys meeting up with the Torquay (Victoria Australia) creative writing group each week and is interested in the philosophy of mindfulness.

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Unknown said...

Fantastic Jean, don't stop now