Sunday, September 29, 2019

New Poetry by Matt McAlpine

Light Spots

Seminal fluids,
frogs marching sideways
to the pond. 
In the trees sing song
birds unseen the air
brazen in the hum
of the forest,
a small boy sits
in the mud by the pond
watching frogs hopping
under water, since
perturbed by amphibious dance
the water stills
and there, a small boy 
sits himself
cast in the shadow of the sky,
muddy hair boy watching,
boy watching frogs
laughing here, the boy
in the mud hears the trees
singing shaded by the canopy above,
casting sunlight sprinkling
pepper-spots across the dust
rays amidst the jealous
trees aside boy,
streaming light across 
the trees and smiling pond. 

- Matt McAlpine 2019

Matt McAlpine is a 21 year-old poet from the Blue Mountains, Australia. He is currently working on his first book of poetry Views from the Mountaintop. 

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