Thursday, September 03, 2020

New Poetry by Jillian Smith


I dream of a wing
blood-colored and trembling.

It glistens, spit-thin,
unattached to body or being,

riding the air without singing,
carrying without lifting.

From a tangle of cloud, 
it jostles to be free.

A fragment in space,
it seeks wholeness in others,

reminded by itself
of what it cannot be. 

- © Jillian Smith 2020

Jillian Smith is a writer living in Atlanta, GA. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Poetry at Georgia State University. Jill's poetry has been featured in SOFTBLOW Poetry Journal, Anderbo, Bluestem Magazine, and Barking Sycamores. Originally from outside Philadelphia, Jill got her BA in English from Penn State University and her MFA in Fiction from Florida State University. She recently got married, welcomed two cats into her family, and moved into her first home.

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