Friday, May 14, 2021

New Poetry by Peter Roads

When he grows up he's gonna be a big man 
Big like important 
President of wide open space 
Fill every room he is in 
A waist too expansive for pants 
Words too amazing for grace 
Features too big for a face 
Ego to wide for scale 
Measurement is for other people  
he will be a gateway to the future 
Through which many will travel 
Just to see him will be inspiring 
People will hang him on their wall 
Like they hung him from that tree 
Bound hand and feet 
They will love him  
just you wait and see 
He will be so big 
                                    so tall 
                                    so awesome 
                                    so heavy  
that all this guilt will fall  
we will be set free  
when he grows up he will be a big man 
Better kill him young  
so we won't feel so  

- © Peter Roads 2021

Since starting his performance career in a Sydney backyard Peter has performed for the Unlikely Project, Unspoken Words, Newtown Festival Mainstage and Shelter NSW. Since winning 'most promising poet' at the 2015 Nimbin Performance Poetry World Cup he's published a series of independent chapbooks exploring issues of anxiety, politics, identity and religion. His last short film 'Flashback to the Pool' won laurels in 2020 and the next project 'Summon the Unbelievers' is a broadside against the hubris of blind faith.

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