Wednesday, June 09, 2021

New Poetry by Kitty Jospé

What We Don’t

control, is the web of events
that will press on these young men
back from the war as they
start a teaching career,
marry lively wives…

and what you don’t
guess, is what is behind
this joke with a roll
of toilet paper—
my Dad sitting as straight
as Osiris holding the scroll
for his pal to paint…

and what you don’t
hear is the clink of glass
bottles of beer —

and what I hope you, reading what I wrote, 
might understand, is the mystery
that a shot showing a side of my father
I never knew, cracks my heart open
to love him even harder.

- © Kitty Jospé 2021

Since 2004, Kitty switched from teaching French, turning her work as docent into explorations of ekphastics, and pursued workshops and an MFA in poetry. (received in 2009 from Pacific University, OR)  Since Feb. 2008, she started  weekly sessions to help people to be more attentive readers and increase appreciation of good poems. Her 6th book, Sum:1 appeared in March 2021,

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