Wednesday, August 25, 2021

New Poetry by Christian Garduno

The Eastern Hemisphere

The blood trade-
it stains your throat
skulking around Astrid’s blown-out town
I’ve been asleep for centuries
dreaming of yesterday

The gloaming has eight arms
to push the sands back up the hourglass
your heart beats in a sound-proof box
two things can be true at the very same time
strains of Vivaldi wafting through your hair

We are beginning our descent
yellow traffic lights blinking on blank streets
your eyelids flutter
the Sun is moving
it is we who are still in the night 

- © Christian Garduno 2021

Christian Garduno’s work can be read in over 80 literary magazines. He is the recipient of the 2019 national Willie Morris Award for Southern Poetry. Garduno is a Finalist in the 2020-2021 Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Writing Contest. He lives and writes along the South Texas coast with his wonderful wife Nahemie and young son Dylan.  




1 comment:

cmmains said...

Powerful opening lines in each stanza. it took me several readings to come up with my interpretation, and several trips to the dictionary. still not sure about what the blood trade is, but that doesn't take away from the feeling of a trip, or remembrance of trying to understand the unknown. thanks for sharing, hope it gets accepted. chuck.