Sunday, February 12, 2012

New Poetry by Maurice Devitt

Street Song

Step on a line
you marry
the devil
no longer
to savour
the candyfloss
of grace -
the check-list
of sins,
the first
an easy choice
between murder
and omission,
the craving
to beard
the bogeyman,
in an upstairs room,
the curious
keyhole of mascara,
the too-loose clip
of his mother’s shoes
and in the corner
a wireless
all the best tunes.

- Maurice Devitt 2012

Lost Earring

Did it fall
as you took off
your coat and how
did you notice?
The sudden
slight imbalance
a pin-prick
of air or fingers
the confidence
of silver
only to feel
the lobe of a baby
by the script
of borrowed
by the curiosity
of distance
and lust
I saw it
quite quickly
in the drunken
shadow of my chair
but demurred
wanting the search
to last forever

- Maurice Devitt 2012

A student at Mater Dei in Dublin, Ireland, Maurice is reading for an MA in Poetry Studies. Short-listed in 2011 for both the Fish Poetry prize and the Cork Literary Review Manuscript Competition, and runner-up in the Phizzfest poetry competition, he has had poems accepted by Abridged, Moloch, Paraxis, Weary Blues, #firstcut, Boyneberries, Stony Thursday and Smiths Knoll and is working towards a first collection.

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