Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Poetry by Richard Hillman


for Alicia

someone said that lovers saunter
and i’m trying to imagine that
with difficulty – it is late
and we need to get home
and the car headlights
make out shifting shapes
beside the old road
in this dark we expect something
will jump out at us
i feel your hand resting
on my thigh
as i ease on the brakes
going into the bends
you tell me you’re sick
of these half-lit trees
that you need out
of this darkness
and i suggest stopping
perhaps parking
on the ridge
overlooking town
i find the turn easily
but we don’t saunter
beneath the stars
because the backseat
barely has room for two

- Richard Hillman 2012

Richard lives in Wauchope, NSW, where he runs creative writing workshops from time to time. He has had several poetry collections/chapbooks published, including Timber Country (Picaro Press) and Raw Nerve (Puncher & Wattmann). His poetry has been published widely in Australia and internationally, in print and online magazines. Richard has been a recipient of SA Arts and Commonwealth grants for his writing.

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stu said...

really enjoyed this poem, richard