Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Poetry by Claire Roberts

Elevators rise like bubbles in a wine glass
and the blue-grey linoleum floors
shine like water.

He’s attached to a drip
that bubbles with dull music;
I kiss his shaking hand and his smile
appears and flees like a mirror-light. 

- Claire Roberts 2012


The fluorescent lights turn on
and blink like someone waking

I take my backpack and pass
through the automatic doors
into the shivering night

and intersecting stairs
that descend to the lawns
where I see raindrops

cling to shrubs and glitter
like ornaments on a chandelier.

- Claire Roberts 2012

Claire is an emerging writer and student based in Adelaide, Australia. She has had work published in Arena, Melaleuca and student magazines such as On Dit and Spur.

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Stuart Barnes said...

love these, claire, especially 'afterward'