Friday, October 19, 2012

New Poetry by Nathanael O'Reilly

Six Poets

Six poets drinking wine
in Jimmy Watson’s
discuss poetics
submission strategies
other poets’ latest books
the likelihood of acceptance
by Publisher X
the ideal amount of time
between composition
and submission
whether one can publish
too much too soon or too often
(one labels it “the Kinsella effect”)
stimuli and imagination
revision and editing techniques
the need for varied experience
John Leonard’s unerring eye
and who will be read
fifty years from now

- Nathanael O'Reilly 2012

Nathanael O’Reilly was born in Warrnambool and raised in Ballarat, Brisbane and Shepparton. He now resides in Texas. He is the author of two chapbooks, Suburban Exile: American Poems (2011) and Symptoms of Homesickness (2010), both published by Picaro Press, and a recipient of an Emerging Writers Grant from the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts. His poetry has been published in journals around the world, including Antipodes, Cordite Poetry Review, LiNQ, Blackmail Press, Harvest, Transnational Literature, Mascara Literary Review, Windmills, Postcolonial Text, Prosopisia, Page Seventeen, Red River Review, Correspondances Oceaniennes and Social Alternatives.


seanopaddy said...

I wasn't there, but after nineteen lines I remember it well.

Nice work, Nathanael.

Benjamin said...

Spot on! Now I wish I knew 5 other poets well enough to drink with them.