Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Poetry by Abraheem Dittu

False Advertising

Scarlet mountains in the afternoon.
Coyotes scavenging at night.
Abrasions from coarse sand.
Vigorous scents of skunk and citrus.
Volatile Santa Ana winds.
Smog blocking the skyline.
Smoking hash in the canyon.
Tumultuous vibrations .
Suburbia littered with palm trees.
Congested freeways.
Dope fiends shooting up under a bridge
Vast deserts and valleys.
Mini malls and movie sets.
Gangbanging warzones.
Hookers on sunset.
Swapmeets on Crenshaw
Eighty degrees in January.
Fraudelent star tours.
Porn stars at CVS.
The city of angels.

- Abraheem Dittu 2013

Abraheem Dittu is a 20 year old poet, playwright and college student.


Anonymous said...

WOW this guy is TALENTED!!!

Unknown said...

Awesome love it :) <3

Unknown said...

amazing kid, loving the insight. this man is going places!!