Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Poetry by Michele Seminara

All Dried Up

an old lady
waiting in this parched bed
for something to happen

which cannot happen.

an old lady
with an impatient
unsated belly

that will not rain.

an old lady
whose slow mind spreads out
so far her eye has
lost sight.

the one
who age must not tame -

May my drying up cause this spark to flame!

- Michele Seminara 2013

Michele Seminara lives in Sydney, Australia, with her husband and three children. She studied English and Australian literature at Sydney University, but then went on to train and work as a yoga and meditation teacher, with a passion for Buddhism. Although not new to writing, she is very new to poetry. She blogs at

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mlewisredford said...

I see - the 'I' that heads each stanza finds itself in the body of an old lady but struggles not to be defined by the body or the state the body is in