Thursday, April 18, 2013

New Poetry by Barbara De Franceschi


Songbirds find reason to splash
the bush track with cheerful trill.
I cannot hear,
too many deaf ears.
The mooted thud of dusk
invites another solitary night.
Eyes are blind, I miss the colours –
magenta and gold,
sunset mesmerises the horizon
with a peaceful calm
that does not stroke my skin.
I am hag stones in reverse,
unable to protect the heart,
or join fairies as they frolic
in rain-bubbles dripping
from branches laden
with a passing shower.
When did I transform
from an open wind into a closed sky?
Mettle is unwilling to share
the resilience of spear grass growing
in hardy tussocks amongst the rocks,
breath is tannic from the lack
of distilled love words.

- Barbara De Franceschi 2013

Barbara De Franceschi lives in Broken Hill. Besides two collections of poetry, her work has been published widely in Australia, in other countries, on-line and featured on radio. Since 2010 Barbara has engaged with the ENRICH programme (Enhanced Rural Remote Inter-professional Cultural Health) to determine if art based modules (e.g. creative writing) can be beneficial to health professionals in clinical practices by increasing skills such as observation, interpretation and communication.

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