Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Poetry by James Mirarchi

Designer of  mushy Nickelodeon carrot cake stage
has dandruff-dolls in his hair
They’ve set up oil rigs on his scalp
to drill for creativity
When geyser erupts
they catch designer’s ideas in buckets
Then rappel down ropes of his greasy hair
onto floor where dust-trains
transport them to designer’s colleague
A man whose only accomplishment
is a lawsuit-attracting lemon slide
The dandruff-dolls hand over buckets to him
Within them
he singles out striking concept for crunchy Nickelodeon blueberry pie ramp
While trying to consummate this idea
he fails numerous times
since the main ingredient that is sorely missing
is Heart

- James Mirarchi 2013

James Mirarchi grew up in Queens, New York. In addition to his poetry collections, Venison and Dervish, he has written and directed short films, which have played at festivals. His poems have appeared in Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Poydras Review, gobbet, Boyslut, Bluepepper, The Mind[less] Muse, Dead Snakes, The Recusant, Subliminal Interiors Magazine, and Clockwise Cat.

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